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It's time for answers ...........Welcome to the wold's first trigger Tool Medium Experiment !

Is there life after death? Are humans capable of expanding their consciousness to move beyond this dimension? Can the dead come back to communicate with the living, can they pass us messages and advise on the future?

If it is possible for the living to know the future - and possible for the dead to come back from the past - does it mean that everything science has taught us about 'now' and the concept of time itself may be flawed?  

Mediums and Psychics, Clairvoyants and Clairaudients, Seers, Mystics and Visionaries do not fit in with the current scientific paradigm. Whether they employ trigger tools like crystal balls or natural gemstones, or none at all, they continue to exhibit skills that exist outside normal patterns of human behavior. Are their skills truly 'A gift from the Gods' that defy rational explanation. Or is it possible that Mediums are 'deductionalists' whose mental and analytical skills enable them to pick up on hidden information that the rest of us are blind to? Are they able to calculate information that the rest of society is unable to process? And it is possible for us to learn how to do it too?

In this experimental trial our panel of participants have varying degrees of psychic ability. They are going to try and answer some of those questions. They will be relying on nothing but their own psychic skills, their powers of reasoning, and a trigger tool that has some degree of relativity to the subject of this experiment - the subject is Doris Stokes: a deceased British medium who died at her home in London in 1987 after a career that spanned many decades. Doris Stokes gave performances in America, Australia and Britain and wrote several books. 

The participants in this trial have provided information about themselves, they will be monitored once a month for three months, and by the end of this trial they - and you, will have discovered whether it is indeed possible to 'make oneself more psychic' and if it is possible to communicate with AND receive messages from psychics and mediums like Doris Stokes who have already died and passed through this dimension or time frame. 

The test subject for this trial experiment was selected for two reasons. 1. Doris Stokes has already 'come through to a living psychic' since she died, and 2. NOT every performance Doris Stokes gave while she was alive was perfect. Her performances included a fair percentage of 'messages from beyond the grave' that audience members rejected or could not relate to.  

Doris Stokes was chosen precisely because of these factors. Her hit and miss record was more in keeping with the results one would expect a genuine medium or psychic to produce. And unlike some mediums Doris Stokes never told the parents of missing or abducted children that those children were 'dead' when, in fact, they were later found very much alive (after being held in captivity for years) - as happened with the American medium Sylvia Browne who died in 2013.   

In the following pages you can read the details of the men and women participating in this trial. Once a month - for three months, their pages will be updated so their progress can be charted. During these three months each of the participants will be asked questions. Their answers will go onto their pages. At the end of three months all the participants will have discovered some astounding results. Did they receive messages from Doris Stokes beyond the grave? Did they receive messages from other entities? Or will the messages they receive originate from within previously untapped areas of their own minds and imaginations? 

Finally, will their psychic abilities be enhanced by their participation in this trial? This is the Doris Stokes' experiment and................

It's time for us all to learn some real answers !

    The Medium Doris Stokes - Performing at the Barbican Theatre in London 1986

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Doris Stokes - The Barbican 1986 (4/10)
Part 4 of 10.
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